How many times are you going to do this to me? How many times? This isn’t protection. It’s obsession. It’s only going to make things worse and worse. This is the last time or things are going to turn for the worst. Unless that’s what you want, because that’s where it’s heading. And it’s your fault. This is the one place I have to myself. The one damned place. Why do you keep ruining that for me? Why do you think I don’t talk to you? I don’t TRUST you, and THIS is why. So thank you, mother, for making things even harder for me. When I’m long and gone, I just want you to realize this is what pushed me over the edge. You. You have the change to stop invading. Take it, or regret it. It’s your choice. I am a ¬†human being, but I can stop being that at any second I please. It’s your decision alone.¬†